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Platos cave is an impressive theory developed by the late great philosopher Plato. It describes the life of a philosopher within the modern world (well, the Greek era), and his struggles to be accepted and acknowleged. In this essay I will be explaining the different aspects of the cave, along with the cave itself. Later I will be expressing my own opinions on the subject too. The first aspect I will explain is the prisoners. They are humans, like you and I, which have been shackled to a wall facing the back of the cave for all of their living memory. They have not experienced, or cannot remember their past lives or anything outside of the dim cave in which they are stood (presumably). This causes them to believe that the outside world does not exist for they literally have no recollection of it, and all that does exist is held within the cave walls. This, I suppose, is similar to the thought of a whole expanse of universe, untouched by man, beyond the far reaches of our galaxy. Our brains struggle to comprehend such thought, so we label it ‘not our division’ and set it aside, preferring to process the more mundane thoughts of our existence instead. The humans are comfortable with the cave; they do not wish to have a new theory thrust upon them, which the Escapee brings, as I will now explain: The second aspect is the aforementioned Escapee. He is a philosopher, which has escaped the chains (possibly referring to the chains of human thought), and has wandered out to the mouth of the cave. He has seen the wondrous world, which he himself never could have imagined, brimming with people and animals and ablaze with colour, all under a fiery sun, much less powerful than the fire within the cave. Desperate to portray this new world to his fellow men, He rushes back to describe this beautiful world that, currently, only he can see. But, as he is merely a shadow on the

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