Plato's Theory Of The Form Essay

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'Explain and evaluate Plato`s theory of the forms Every day we see many things which are comformable to each other or things with the same meaning of use, simply things which has something in common. Although we are not thinking about it subconsciously we realise that there must be some „first“ version of those things. This first version we call „form“ an example for us would be the word comformable itself, there we can see that the word Form is „keystone“ for this term, without knowig this word we would not be ale to invent word comformable and then use it. In my opinion this is how it goes with all other things. Without realising the form we would not be able to make things and put them into the categories or realise that things have something in common and that there must be some conection between them. According to Plato the „forms“ are perfect. Forms are not sort of thing that one can see, touch, hear, smell or taste. Which means that they are invisible for us. They all occur in the world of forms which is eternal and unknown for us. So, we can not basically copy the form, because we do not know what it looks like. We can only expirience and copy things which imperfectly mimic the forms. How then would we know what to copy while not having the exactly draft before us? In my opinion it is because we all have some same common vision of what the forms looks like which we copy. Example given: everybody knows that chair is for sitting, so we make something on which we can sit on (main idea of the existence of a chair) and name it chair. Each thing has own form of itself. For example chairs has one own form, red things, big things, small things. Each of them are copies which has something in common. Each of them mimic the form. With knowing that forms are perfect we percieve that there are better and worse copies of the form around us. According to the
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