Plato's Cave Philosophy Essay

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Plato’s Cave Plato believed in the idea of a cave where prisoners were kept and shown images on a wall by fire and people holding up objects. The images that were projected was the only thing the prisoners knew existed. The people holding up the objects control what the prisoners see and what they know. This is the same in the movie Dear Frankie. Frankie is the prisoner being showed the images and his mother is the person holding the objects. Frankie believes that his father is writing to him and that the man who comes to visit him is his father because it is what his mother tells him. In Plato’s cave one of the prisoners decides to escape from the cave and leaves. He sees that the images he sees on the wall are projections from people carrying the objects and the fire. He now knows 100 times more than he did just sitting in the cave just watching the projections. When he leaves the cave and goes outside he sees the sun, a tree, and a pond. The prisoner now knows 10,000 times than he did when he was in the cave. He now knows that there is more to the world than what he has seen in the cave. The prisoner returns to the cave to share with the other prisoners what he has learned. Plato calls this journey “the turning around of the soul”. The journey that the prisoner took was one of education because the prisoner learned that there was more than just what he could see in the cave. In the movie Dear Frankie, Frankie is the prisoner in the cave and his mother is the one who is showing him the images, although she is only doing so to protect Frankie from the truth that is father abused him. I think that Frankie’s mother should have told him the truth about his father or protected him a different way, instead of lying that his father was writing him. I agree that she wanted to protect him from the real truth that his father abused him, I feel she did the right

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