Plato Theory Of Knowledge

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Plato theory of knowledge According to Plato human being can attain knowledge of the world by using power of their soul. Plato believed that there were two worlds: 1 the world of appearance or the blurred world of shadows in his allegory of the cave, 2 the world of forms or the world of light. The world of appearance is this world we live now consisting various physical objects and the world of light refers to reality behind the world of appearance, which Plato called Form. Most people only pay attention to the things that similar to them. Most people only seek knowledge of the world’s appearance. To have knowledge we need to know the world of light or forms. People need to be educated if they would like to know the world of light. For Plato Education is a matter of conversion. Education is not a matter of putting knowledge into person’s soul but it means to make human soul turn away from the world appearance. For normal people to have vision, it’s only requiring them to have eyes capable our receiving vision. People need to be educated if they would like to know the world of light. Human soul already has power to know the true reality or the soul is capable of receiving knowledge. Our soul must be turned away from the world of appearance to the world of light if we want to gain true knowledge. Knowledge was not only possible but it was virtually infallible. What made knowledge most infallible was that’s based upon what is most real. In the process of discovering true knowledge, the mind moves through four stage of development or four modes of thought. They are as follows: Imagining, Believing, Thinking and
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