Plato Theory of a Good Leader (Republic) in Poseidon Movie

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The Poseidon movie presented a survival story. The story focused more on the action than on the humanity of the situation. character development; each person was assign a given personality that never faltered and often times created great conflict as they made their way through the bowels of the capsized S.S. Poseidon, a luxurious but aging ocean liner. Despite most being unwilling to band together, they were still draw to the leadership of an obsessively driven reverend, and in an almost the story, they continued on their journey. Through the literary work that analyzed by me actually, give me the understanding related to the Greek mythology especially Greek phylosophy. I commence firstly on the Poseidon movie of the story about natural leadership appear when the crew of the ship gets plenty of advanced warning in the form of radio messages and radar signals. They only takes action seing the vave with their own eyes and it is too late to do much, the disordered leadership of the Poseidon is part of what makes the ship attacked to disaster. However, in other part the movie's logic of natural leadership, better that Nelson does than Ramsey or Johns, whose heroic statuses must remain untainted for the group to survive. “Plato's conception, that leadership is in the hands of the intelligent group, the producing class being allowed the least power of any.”(Demos: 1927) From this statement, understanding that leader must understand how to good drives of group/organizaion leads effectively, and the leader must understand the actions matter and make a difference they have meaning. The leader-protagonists in Poseidon movie also characterize in crucially different ways. Although both Dylan Johns and Robbert Ramsey disobey ship's officers when they lead their groups out of the ballroom, Ramsey's rebelliousness goes to the heart of his character of leader. “Leaders can

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