Plato And Aristotle Essay

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Plato and Aristotle were among the most important and creative thinkers of the ancient world, whose words even today influence the modern world from their respective graves, causes the readers of such words to think about, question, discuss and imagine each according to whether they agree or disagree with what has been written. These Greek philosophers, each in their own style, have discoursed on a many of subjects, some of which they agree on, some of which they don’t, including the ever present theory of metaphysics. “Both Plato and Aristotle were interested in practically every subject, and each spoke intelligently on philosophical topics and problems.” (Moore 2005 pg 37) Both men were, of course, influenced by Socrates, though Plato was a direct student of the philosopher, whereas Aristotle was indirectly affected by being Plato’s student, so both were attuned to the way Socrates spoke and discussed on almost any subject requiring thought, and both continued the tradition in a serious way. One such discussion common in their writings is the theory each believed in regarding forms and change. A theory of forms is such a difficult subject that often times it will either lead or be led into other subjects, so that the original theory can be found touched on in many discourses, and so it is true of both of these great men as well. Plato through his writings as Socrates believed in a Theory of Forms. This theory was in essence the understanding that there each object men encountered in life participated in a form. For example, “Consider two beautiful objects…they have something in common, they both qualify as beautiful…as Socrates (through Plato) said, (they) participate in the form beauty” (Moore 2004 pg 38). This theory was as he understood it from listening to Socrates, but many other philosophers, including in the dialogue: Parmenides, believed that the theory

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