Plastic Surgery and the Media

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Plastic surgery has become very popular due to the media. As a result, people should be properly educated about the potential mishaps that may happen during or even after surgery. Physicians as well as the media should offer these services to people considering whether to get plastic surgery. Ten years ago only about 330,000 people underwent plastic surgery. This year that number has increased over 6 million and 335,000 are under the age of 18. The major increase in plastic surgeries could be blamed on the people who wish to look like celebrities, but the media as well as surgeons should be found just as guilty. Images produced by the media will make people do almost anything to fit American standards of the perfect body. Plastic surgery offers a quick fix to help achieve this goal but no matter how much surgery a person receives, nothing is perfect. Images produced by media, quick fixes, and the outcome of the fixes are problems that women of all ages deal with. From the time of birth, images of physical perfection bombard young minds. When children are young their minds are fragile and mold to what they are taught. One of the first toys a young girl is given is a Barbie doll. Girls are shown Barbie and parents tell the children that Barbie dolls are beautiful. So young girls are taught that Barbie is what a perfect female is supposed to look like. Eventually, when the girls reach middle school they find that Barbie is seen to be childish and immature. So they turn to more life size Barbie dolls like Britney Spears and Destiny's Child. Teenage girls, who consider themselves individuals, all strive for the same goal to become what the opposite sex is attracted to. Teenage girls want to dress and look like young celebrities so they wear tons of makeup and dress in clothing that would have their great grandparents turning in their graves. Schools all over

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