Plastic Surgery Essay

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Running Head: Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth it? Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth it? Qiuling Su Selkirk College Author Notes: This paper was prepared for the homework for ENGL 110 College Composition Online, taught by Professor Tracy Punchard. Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth it? Everyone wants to look pleasing in others’ eyes. However, some people are never satisfied with their appearance. As a number of men and women are seeking to improve their bodies, plastic surgery is considered extraordinarily normal. Plastic surgery is the branch of surgery that attempts to correct someone’s appearance or physical injuries. Many people think that it is not worth it to have a plastic surgery because it has a lot of risks and costs lots of money. However, with the development of technology, plastic surgery has become increasingly better, and the risks are decreasing. Therefore, others hold the opinion that it is worth it to have plastic surgery because it could increase one’s self-confidence, boost one’s career, and improve the quality of one’s life. What are people’s considerations about plastic surgery? Many people think plastic surgery is not beneficial because they think the price is too expensive. Lee (2010) states that “the cost of double eyelid surgery, most widely demanded among Asian women, varies from 1,000 U.S. dollars to 1,700 dollars; rhinoplasty prices from 2,800 dollars to 5,000 dollars; simple chin reduction surgery costs from 4,500 dollars to 6,500 dollars”. In addition, people are not only worried about the price, they are more afraid of the risks of accepting plastic surgery. Nevertheless, Jennifer Heisler (2012) states that “like other types of surgery, cosmetic surgery does have risk”. The advanced technology has minimized the costs and risks of plastic surgery and made it probable for

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