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A Plastic Trend Teenagers and Plastic Surgery Marlene Hale CM-109 A Plastic Trend: Teenagers and Plastic Surgery A decade or two ago life was simper for teens who did not like their looks. According to the American Society for Aesthetic, 160,283 children 18 and under had cosmetic interventions in 2008 (Brophy, 2009). What we constitute as a medical necessity for cosmetic surgery other would feel that it is a trend, even though some argue that is a child’s psychological well being is enhanced, then the procedure truly is a medical nature. These days, more teenagers are altering the body parts that give them angst by going under the knife (Brophy, 2009). Plastic surgery has doubled since the year 2000 among teens to perceive physical flaws, correct medical problems and to achieve a societal ideal. Image is everything to teenagers trying to fit in today’s society from middle school to high school. It was a period of time when kids use to change their clothes or hair style to alter their look. Now they want to surgically alter their bodies (Fanning, 2001). Many teens feel their looks do not add up to other teenagers in their age group. Teenagers have never been happy about their appearance. Boys complained “I wish I were taller. I’m too skinny.” Girls say, “I hate my thighs. I’m too fat.”(Fanning, 2001). Now teenagers are paying out their pocket, with their hard earned money from part or full time jobs to achieve what they feel is perfection. While the surgical correction of serious physical flaws and undeniable physiological defects should certainly be an option for teens. Many operations performed on kids with physical flaws that are very stigmatizing, like misshapen breast or ears that stick out. Procedures like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation should be performed only on kids who are fully grown. Otoplasty (ear pinning) however, can be done at

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