Plastic Surgery Essay

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Everyone knows plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Most people know someone that has had some form of plastic surgery in their lives. The first successful plastic surgery in the United States was in the late 9th century. It was a cleft palate reconstruction by Dr. John Peter Mettauer. Since then surgery has increased each year with a huge increase in the late 1990’s, mostly among women. With the population and economic growth plastic surgeons have come up with three different types of surgeries, plastic, cosmetic and reconstruction. “The statistics show a strong, continued, and healthy increase in cosmetic surgery that mirrors the 4.4 percent economic growth of the United States,” said ASPC President Scott Spear, MD. Ten years ago 330,000 Americans had plastic surgery. In 2008 the number increased to over 6 million with 335,000 of them being under 18. 355,671 women in the United States had breast augmentation and another 341,144 had lipoplasty. These are only the statistics for plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is also popular with 2,464,123 people getting Botox and 1,280,964 people getting laser hair removal. So many surgeries sometime leads to addictions. BDD is body dismorphic disorder is a medial condition where you get continuous surgeries because you are dissatisfied with your body or your appearance. Society says you should look a certain way and many people get surgery after surgery to attain this. If you don’t like the results you continually go back again and again for more surgeries, eventually the results begin to look unnatural. Many celebrities, because of pressure to look good, keep their careers going or just because they dot like the way they look have many surgeries. Some even begin to look freakish. Jocelyn “Cat Woman” Wildenstein has become well known because of her cat-like appearance after

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