Plastic Surgery Essay

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In today's society, priority is often placed on physical beauty and a young look. The belief that drives this phenomenon is rooted in the messages that are delivered by the media that being young and beautiful are necessary for happiness. Models, and actors and are pushed everyday to lose weight, or be underweight, to artificially maintain a youthful appearance through plastic surgery in order to appeal to fans and continue their popularity and earning potential. This emphasis on appearance has resulted in the absurdities of celebrities in their sixties and seventies getting facelifts, Botox, hair extensions and many other plastic surgery procedures to make them appear better looking and healthier. It is no longer socially acceptable to be overweight or out of shape, with graying hair and wrinkles. This emphasis on appearance, rather than the inner beauty, has produced a booming industry in cosmetic surgery. All ages, from teen on upward into their eighties, American's are urged, through the media, to pursue an ideal of perfection that is in reality, unattainable. Plastic surgery advertisements promise a better life, better relationships and more success. But in reality, cosmetic surgery is usually unnecessary, expensive and sometimes risky. The promise of a perfect life, available with "affordable monthly financing" is a sales pitch that is hard to resist. Some of the most popular procedures performed annually are: liposuction, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelifts, collagen injections, Botox, laser hair removal and many others. What consumers of these services do not realize, that with the exception of surgical interventions to improve health, these procedures will not result in a better, happier life. The reality is, these procedures are costly and may not deliver the results promised. Some common complications could be

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