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Plastic or Fantastic? Is Cosmetic Surgery the Right Decision? Surgery has been used for many years. Back in the World Wars, if a soldier got seriously injured and needed a limb amputated, he or she would undergo surgery. The development of plastic surgery received a push from the need to repair gross deformities to the need to change normal and typical physical appearances. Cosmetic surgery is very popular and not because people need surgery, but because society has made the perfect person and everyone is trying to be that. Cosmetic surgery is the new hip thing going around and it isn’t always a good thing. Plastic surgery should be entered into cautiously. Plastic surgery is not a cheap decision. “When you call a plastic surgeon's office to inquire about a cost, be certain to ask if each of these fees are included. This is important, because often they will only tell you the surgeon's fee, which makes up only 60-80% of the total cost(“Cost of...”2).” Beauty is expensive and insurance may not cover the one time cost of cosmetic surgery. The money used to pay for this surgery is the money from one's pocket. A person may believe the final cost for the procedure is the surgeon's fee. That person could find themselves in a rut when it comes to the quote after meeting with the doctor. There are some procedures alone that cost over 6,000 dollars. The financial commitments and debt that could be experienced with these procedures may cause a person to go through unnecessary financial strain and stress. Many people are not truly prepared for the cost of the surgery when the final payment comes along. There are many different risks and complications when a person goes through plastic surgery. There are 16 plus complications that a patient could get. The scariest one is death (“Cosmetic Plastic...”2). Some other complications that could happen is having an

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