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When people think of Plastic Surgeons they instantly imagine fake plastic people. Plastic Surgeons actually are very significant in the medical world and have been around since the first century B.C., Romans were practicing various forms of plastic surgery to repair noses, eyes, lips, and teeth. Even a roman physician named Cornelius Celsus preformed procedures such as circumcision reversal and even breast reduction in men in this time. Plastic surgeons are medical doctors who specialize in remodeling and restructuring areas of the body. This can be done out of necessity to correct medical problems or as a way to enhance the look of the body. Plastic surgeons perform different procedures on all ages of patients. Many of them choose to specialize in certain fields or parts of the body, such as pediatrics, craniofacial, hands and burns. But plastic surgery isn't always just for adults. Some plastic surgeons specialize in pediatrics. They correct conditions that are best treated and corrected in childhood. Many of these conditions are from birth defects or illnesses. Examples of common pediatric plastic surgery procedures are cleft palate or cleft lip, congenital hand deformities and facial defects. They may also remove birth marks or large moles that could become a problem later in life. The time it takes to perform a plastic surgery procedure varies depending on the type of surgery. For the most part, cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are outpatient, so they will not require a hospital stay. Many procedures can be completed in under an hour, but some take longer. Plastic Surgeons have to complete excessive amounts of schooling including a bachelor's degree, medical school and then begin a residency program in plastic and reconstructive surgery. These programs can take you up to six years beyond the bachelor's to complete, typically splitting time between clinical

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