Plastic Bottle, a Weapon Of a Mass Destruction

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Not that long ago, people did not think about plastic water bottles as a part of our everyday life. Today we see plastic water bottles everywhere. When we go for a walk, on a hike or for a run, we need to stay hydrated and the most comfortable way to do so is to grab with us a plastic water bottle. Plastic water bottles are affordable and convenient; they are lightweight, functional, durable, and cheap. They are chemical, mold, and decay resistant, and they do not need to be washed. It seems to be a perfect container, but let’s think again. The use and manufacturing of plastic water bottles must be reduced to a minimum or eliminated, because manufacturing of a plastic water bottles is wasteful and expensive, it requires the use of chemicals that are dangerous for our health and damaging for the environment. The truth is the plastic water bottles are not cheap, because every time we use them, we drive up the demand for oil. This is true not only because the delivery of a plastic water bottles required fuel to bring them to the store, but also because oil is used to make them. To manufacture one plastic bottle it takes a 1/3 of a bottle size in petroleum plus three bottles of water itself and up to thousand times more energy intensive than just getting a glass of water from the tap. According to University of Louisville scientists, about 17 million barrels of oil are used to manufacture water bottles every year (Golding and Zinczenko). This makes the plastic water bottles too expensive to use; because the more we use plastic bottles, the more oil we require for their manufacturing. The higer demand for oil, the higer the prices will be for petrolium, wich will affect everyone who drives. After a pricey manufacturing of a plastic water bottle and its consequences, used plastic water bottle has three possible fates: it may be reused, recycled, or thrown away. All

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