Plant Layout Essay

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P 1.1 Globalization implies to the opening of local and nationalistic views to a broader outlook of an interdependent and interconnected world with free transfer of goods, capital, and services across national borders. However, it does not include unrestricted movement of labour and may hurt smaller economies if applied extensively. Access to global consumers has increased through enhanced communications, reduction of barriers, improved shipping channels and centralized finance authorities. The main forces that have driven global integration have been technological innovations, wider political changes and economic policies. In the case of technological innovations, these included the development of the jet engine and its worldwide use in aviation for transporting people and goods internationally. Due to this, this process has speeded up affectedly in the last two decades as technological advances made it easier for people to communicate, travel and do business internationally. Two major recent powerful forces are advances in communications organisation and the rise of the internet. New products such as the personal computer, microprocessor and the cellular phone have contributed to profound socio-political and economic transformation. In general, as economies become more connected to each other, they have increased their opportunities but also increased competition. Thus, as globalization becomes more and more common in the world’s economy, powerful anti-globalization and pro-globalization lobbies have risen. (Colin Stief, 2013) (Global Competition) (Richard Seltzer) (UK, 2013) (WebFinance, Inc, 2013) Due to these advances in technology the consumers have a wider range of products and services from which they can benefit from and at lower prices. Now capital can flow to countries which need it more to increase their development and economic rates. Due

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