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The Effect of the Number of Seeds on the Height, Mass, and the Amount of Plants That Germinate This lab was conducted to experiment how the amount Marigold and Zinna seeds in a pot can change the height, mass, and the amount plants that grow. If the number of Marigold and Zinna seeds decrease; then the height of the plants will increase, the mass will decrease, and the amount of plants the germinate will decrease. The data collected for lab B is shown below. It was hypothesized that if there were less seeds in the pot, then height of the plant would increase, and the data below supports that. It was also hypothesized that the mass of the plant and the amount of plants grown would decrease with more seeds, and I reject that hypothesis. From the class data table I found several numerical trends. The first one I found was that in pot 1, all the Zinna seed values were the highest compared to the other pots. I also noticed that if there was a higher amount of seeds in the pots, then their values were always higher than the ones with less seeds. While looking at the average mass per plant, I noticed that in each of the pots the numbers shrunk to smaller values. The less the number of Zinna seeds, the lower its data would get. I found that the lowest values came from the Marigold plants in pot three. Lastly, by looking at the class average data table, there wasn’t an exact seed that grew better than the other. The data collected could have been false and not accurate due to the amount of water given to them each day. One pot may have got more water than another, which could affect the way they grew. Another error that could have occurred was the way the seeds were placed in each pot could have been different. If you packed down the soil on top of the seeds too hard, it would have been harder for the plants to germinate therefore affecting the concluded

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