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Plant Activity North Carolina Central University FCSC 3620 Mrs. Beckwith December 2, 2012 Music Name of activity: Plant A Little Seed Age Group: 24 months Goal of activity: The goal of the activity is to introduce plants and get the children understand the knowledge of a plant. I think this will help them to be familiar about how to design a plant or making one. Materials needed: The materials I will need are a computer so that I can go to www. and let them hear the songs Plant a little seed. Students will also so the demonstration to go along with the song. Procedure: First I will talk to students about the plants. Next I will go over the song with them about plants. Then I will get them prepare to listen to the song and watch the video. Last, we will sing the song about plants and demonstrate with our hands along with the video. Science…show more content…
Procedure: First we discuss the parts of the plants and I will also have a model p to show them of what the going to go back to their seats to do. We will then let the students go back to their seats and color their picture of the plant. Dramatic Play Name of activity: Plant Cycle Age group: 24 months Goal of activity: The goal of the activity to make sure student can demonstrate the plants cycle by acting it out through dramatic play. They will be able to use their social and physical development. Materials: The materials we will need are students, pitcher, and a pretend sun. Procedure: We will bring students to the carpet and discuss the plant cycle again just making sure they a great understanding about the plant cycle. Then we will have some start off as a seed on the floor. Next we will ask one student to pretend that are the water and give them a pitcher and pretend they are pouring water on the students. I will then hold up the sun to demonstrate the sunlight that the plant needs to receive when

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