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Plans and Goals Every person begins to wonder at some stage of their life, usually during their later teenage years what they are going to do with their life. As a high school junior, I am now wondering the very same thing. After considerable thought, I have developed a tentative plan for my future. I have focused on what my life will be like in five, ten and fifteen years. I realize that some of these plans and goals may change over time, but with a plan, the first steps of the journey can begin. It is very important for me to receive a good education, as most job fields require one. If I don’t have a proper education I would not be able to function appropriately at the work place and I would not understand what to do. Education is the first and foremost way to become successful, because the job I choose will call for me go to college and maybe even further my education after that. By the time I reach twenty-one years of age, in five years, I plan to be finishing my fourth year of college; as well as bettering myself for career opportunities by applying for internships. I would like to major in business with a minor in finance, as I am good with numbers. I feel as if my quick thinking and skill in math will greatly prepare me for the world of business and finance. Once completing college I will go on to pursue my goals of working in the business world. My happiness in what I do is also a goal for me in my life. There is no way someone can become successful if they are not happy with what they are doing. By the time ten years has passed in my life and I will be twenty-six, I plan to be married and starting a family as well as having a stable job. If you do not enjoy your profession you will not strive to do well in your job; for this reason I will only do what brings me happiness. I plan on living in Texas, as it is has been my home since I was a born, I would

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