Planning Your Escape Essay

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Ian Albright Eng. Comp I Aaron Raymond 2-15-2012 Planning Your Escape Gary was sitting at work thinking of how much overtime he had been doing and felt exhausted. He said to himself, I need a break from this life. Like Gary, and many other people, need a vacation from work and daily life. Planning a great getaway can be confusing to do for first timers. A vacation is an escape from reality to a wonderful fantastic paradise. Whether it be to sunny Florida or a trip to California, to check out the surf. The whole thing starts with a location special to you and your family. Now once you have picked out your paradise it is time to talk about money. Finances is usually the first thing you think about when you want to take a vacation. In order to get the best out of your break you need to budget your money. You should have been saving for at least a year before you go. If you ever don’t like your budget keep rewriting it until it is suitable. A simple budget would look like this…. Vacation Budget Hotel—110$ per night Transportation----300$per adult, 100$per child Food---40$per day Adult, 20$per day Child Spending cash—30$per day Adult, 20$per day Child Total per day Adult- 180$per day+ transportation Total per day Child-160$per day + transportation Ian Albright Eng. Comp I Aaron Raymond 2-15-2012 Now that you have a budget you want to think of transportation. Picking car or plane could majorly affect your budget. If you chose to travel by car you would want to keep track of mileage and cheap gas stations. Certain apps on you smart phone or the internet can help you get great deals. These things can help you on all parts of your vacation. Next things on the list would be attractions or entertainment. When you plan this aspect of you trip think on how much you would like to spend and stick to that amount. You

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