Planning Function Essay

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The function of management in business as it relates to planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in today’s globalize business world. With out proper planning in today’s business delivering a strategic value would be hard. Planning is traditionally considered to be one of the four major functions of management, along with organizing, leading and coordinating/controlling. Simply put, planning is identifying where you want to go, why you want to go there, how you will get there, what you need in order to get there and how you will know if you're there or not. There are a wide variety of formats for a business plan. The particular format and amount of content included in a plan depends on the complexity of the organization, product or service and on the demands of those who will use the business plan to make a decision, an investor, founder, and or management, Board of Directors. Quite often, an organization's business planners already know much of what will go into a business plan (this is true for strategic planning, too). However, development of the business plan greatly helps to clarify the organization's plans and ensure that key leaders are all "on the same script". Far more important than the plan document, is the planning process itself. (Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD Authenticity Consulting LLC) Today's organizations operate in a rapidly changing environment. Consequently, one of the most important assets for an organization is the ability to manage change. Organization Development is the attempt to influence the members of an organization to expand their candidness with each other about their views of the organization and their experience in it, and to take greater responsibility for their own actions as organization members. The assumption behind organization is that when people pursue both of these objectives simultaneously, they are
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