Planning Beyond the Lesson Essay

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TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. CLASS PROFILE There are 15 male students, between 8 and 10 years old. According to the CEFR their language level is A1. This is a borrowed class but I know the students’ profile and since this group is used to active working the activities presented during this presentation, help them produce sentences in a correct way. During the school year students improve their language fluency, grammar and vocabulary and even though there were a couple of leaders, at the end of the school year almost all of them participate in a meaningful way. III. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE LESSON TAUGHT * Students practiced verb forms used in present progressive, describing actions happening at the moment of speaking. * Students practiced in an oral way making sentences using present progressive. * Students finished the activities writing their own present progressive sentences. There were strengths in this presentation: manner, voice, feedback, elicitation, promotion of self – correction, honest praising, students involved and eager to participate, set time limit, monitoring, and focus on individual learners, but there were weaknesses too, only the “secretary” of the group write down the sentences, fast finishers start talking in L1, some slips with embedded questions, cannot keep all instructions short and simple, and timing. IV. FOLLOW UP LESSON Lesson 1 For extra practice I would give a board game (appendix 2) to play in small groups. Teacher will set timing and walking through the groups will be monitoring the correct form of present progressive sentences. * Material: Board games, dices and chips for each group.( 5 groups) Lesson 2 At this level students already recognize the present progressive tense, so I would include present progressive in question form. * From the original exercise (appendix 1),
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