Planning and Threat Assessment Essay

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Planning and Threat Assessment Paper The incident described in this paper involves providing safety measures for the protection of a White Supremacist who is outspoken, handicapped, and facing charges for homicide. This individual has to be transported to court for trial. Within this paper one will examine the assessment of threats against this individual. Therefore, a protective detail service is being required to help provide protection from the home residence to court and back to the residence. An operation plan will also be included regarding how the protective services will handle this situation. Scenario This principle of this case is a white male in his 40s and is currently in disabled status. This individual is known as an outspoken white supremacist presently contending criminal charges associated with homicide and violation of civil rights. The media attention and death threats are occurring as the results of these actions. Other individuals and White Supremacists in an affiliation with the principle have also been murdered or received serious injuries. Speculation theories of these homicides and injuries were from the direct result of a different White Supremacy group. However, there is little evidence supporting this theory. Regardless, protective services are being requested. Threat Assessment Defining a threat assessment on should view it as the process of making calculations and inferences of numerous potential actions in the future. This is often done on the basis of the current state of affairs and other accessible intelligence. Threat assessment is also known as a repetitive process assessing strength of prediction and planning action on the basis o the assessments made in previous repetitive situations. Under this process of the threat assessment risk management is the first step. Counter predicting any threats requires individuals to be

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