Planned Pregnancy Essay

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Was this a planned pregnancy? no Was this your first baby? no How did you find out you were pregnant? Noticeable changes(menstral cycle stopped) When did you see a doctor? When she thought she was pregnant Did you take vitamins? yes When did you start feeling the baby? 3 months When did you begin wearing maternity clothes? At about 5 months in the pregnancy What changes did your body go through? Nausea, moring sickness,gain weight, no hormones What are some of the strongest memories you have of this pregnancy?---- Did you have any prenatal tests? yes How did your lifestyle change? Couldn’t do a lot f things u use to do Did you smoke? Drink alcohol? Yes but not while pregnant Drink coffee or tea? Yes both Take any drugs? Yes, tylnol Did you know the sex of the baby before the birth Did you have a preference for a boy or a girl? How did you feel when you found out the sex of your baby? No.idk but she wanted boys When did you decide on a name for the baby?when he was born Did you attend any special classes or workshops about childbirth, nursing, etc.? no Did you know of any preexisting conditions?no Where were you living? New York, brooklyn Were there any features/characteristics you were hoping the baby would have? no Were there any you were hoping the baby would not have? no How much of your spouse's medical history did you know? Idk In retrospect, how important would that have been? Very important What role/expectations did you have for this child? Finish school and be soebody What influenced your decision to have a child at this time? No influences it jus happened Did you have any trouble conceiving?no Did you expect to have any trouble getting pregnant?no Now, reflect on what you learned. How do you think your own pregnancy (or your wife's) will be (was) the same or different than your mother's? idk. Think of something

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