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Plan B

  • Submitted by: jfernandez18
  • on December 4, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Justin Ray Fernandez
Professor Liu
Homicide 442
3 December 2013
Group 5
Plan B
The topic of abortion can be argued to be a very controversial subject.   Furthermore, the legalization of abortion with the landmark case of Roe v Wade which has been linked with the decrease in criminal and homicide rates in the United States.   Researchers like Donahue and Levitt have focused research on this causal topic and its effect on society.   They have the keynote research and studies reiterating that the legalization of abortion does indeed lower criminal and homicide rates.   All the other literature on the subject refutes Donahue and Levitt’s hypothesis and research.  
Prior to the case of Roe v. Wade in 1973, abortion was only allowed in five states:   Alaska, California, Hawaii, New York, and Washington.   In the past, abortion was only allowed under extreme circumstances, such as if the mother’s life was in jeopardy, then a mother would be allowed to abort her child.   All other circumstances would be criminalized so in this suit it was made a constitutional right that a women has to privacy over her own body that allows legalization without criminalization of abortion.   Public reaction was seen to have unintended consequences.   There was an dramatic increase in abortions.
One of the main focus that Donahue and Levitt in their article THE IMPACT OF LEGALIZED ABORTION ON CRIME, is the idea of crimeability and its relationship with abortion.   There was a massive drop in crime in the 1990’s, the question why?   Their answer, legalized abortion.   Roe v Wade was decided in 1973.   Well the cohort of children born during this time would be wanted children.   Wanted children grow up in homes that are nurturing, with parents that can care and provide the necessary time and resources for their children.   The drop in crime is the absence of the cohort that would have been born and reached criminality age which is 16-24 the ages they would have been in the early 1990’s.   Children...

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