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The University of Toronto describes the word plagiarism as a kidnapper, “meaning someone who makes off with another person’s ideas” (University of Toronto, 2003). If this is true why do so many students fall into this category of becoming a kidnapper? The reasons may come as a surprise, but there are plenty. This paper will discuss a few of these reasons. Am I paraphrasing or plagiarizing? Most students when writing a paper become confused with actual plagiarism and paraphrasing. This problem is magnified by 1,000 when a student is asked to paraphrase writings that they are unfamiliar, the vocabulary is difficult and things such as technical terms are being used. Psychological Reports stated that “students will use writings strategies that result in plagiarism when they face the task of paraphrasing advanced technical text for which they may lack the proper cogitative resources with which to process it” (Roig, 1999). I used my notes Note taking is a great why to help a student to remember information that has been researched and read, but it is during this time when plagiarism starts. When the student is taking notes they must be careful to properly state if what they are writing is a direct quote, a paraphrase or their personal notes. When reading this information at a later date confusion sets in and when writing their paper they are plagiarizing themselves without knowing. My Research skills are not that great To some students research comes naturally but to others it is very difficult and at times very frustrating. The reason is most students; undergraduates in particular do no know how to properly search and use the library to help retrieve the information needed for their project. After making several unsuccessful attempts and with a deadline drawing near instead of asking for help the student turns to the internet, friends,

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