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Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 2 Chapter 2: Literature Review 2 Chapter 4: Result 6 Chapter 5: Conclusion 7 Abstract Chapter 1: Introduction Recently, the global education is facing a serious problem which needs to be solved quickly, plagiarism in studying. It has a strong affect on student's quality as well as the conveyance the knowledge of teachers to students. So, what plagiarism is and why student plagiarize? When we researched in plagiarism, we have referred a lot of related documents and we realized that definition of plagiarism is written in various ways. Therefore, we decided to base on the definition in the course outline of Hoa Sen University. Besides taking that definition as our research's background, we also want to carry out whether students concern with that issue or not. Most of the documents about plagiarism we found were aimed at researching about the impact of the cultures and religions on plagiarism and some definitions of it. We had compared the differences of plagiarism studies between universities; however we realized those studies have not included the opinions of teachers compared with students, between the foreigners' or people used to study abroad and the native students’; the impacts of gender, major and school year on plagiarism. Unfortunately, because of the limitation of human resources as well as only focusing on several factors in order to achieve the highest quality, we decided to concentrate on the latter factors. Chapter 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 1. THEOROTICAL FRAMEWORK 1. 1 What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is a term that is not easy to define. It is a quite complex concept that raises easily the confusion for those who try to understand. According to what we have read, we could summary the general definition form many ways of defining this concept: “Unacknowledged copying of documents or programs” (Joy & Luck, 1999 pp.

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