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Discuss what you would do, and why, if you suspected plagiarism by one of your classmates. It all starts with asking the question, do you know that this is plagiarism? It could be the person is not aware or lacks proper education on how to give credit to the source. However, if the person copied a source document word for word, then its obvious their intent was to plagiarize. We are all professionals in this class. We all have the same goal, to achieve higher education in nursing. What does it say about us, as professional nurses, if we allow someone to use another’s work and pass it off as their own creation? If it were my work that was being stolen, upset would not begin to cover it. What is the difference between citing work and plagiarizing work? There are varying forms of plagiarism. Blatant plagiarism is copying a document word for word or paying someone to write a document for you. Other, less obvious forms of plagiarism can include copying sections of text or failing to include quotation marks when using exact phrases. This is just a small sampling of plagiarism examples. Citing work is giving credit to the source of the information. If its not your idea or thought, you need to give credit where credit is due. If you are citing research statistics or information, citations provide a link back to the data you are referring to in your document. In any form, plagiarism is a serious offense. However, we must determine the intent of the writer to determine the extent of punishment. Identify and post the Web site to an anti-plagiarism Web tool that can assist scholars in identifying works not properly cited. WriteCheck, a product of Turnitin, claims to be a leading plagiarism checker and also has the bonus of grammar and spelling feedback from professional tutors. I had actually heard of the software but I have never used it.

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