Places In Literature And The World Essay

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Samantha Ermendi 10/9/11 English 111 sect. 6516 Professor Decker Places in Literature and the World Place plays an important role in books and also in everyday life. It affects the plot of books and movies. In everyday life, place is the main variable. The Campus Center is an idea with definite or indefinite boundaries. My English class had an assignment to choose an area on campus and observe what goes on there. My group; Jessica, Elizabeth and I chose the Campus Center and we compared it to a story we all read in class. The story “Mr.Peebles Heart” and the place my group went to, the campus center, relate to each other using place. “Mr.Peebles Heart” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a very heartwarming story. Mr.Peebles is a friendly and content old man. He was fifty years old and lived with his controlling wife, Emma. Emma’s sister Joan was a doctor, and she came to visit the Peebles for a while. Joan realized how Emma treated Mr.Peebles, and she demanded that the only way he would get better is if he traveled. He traveled all over Europe which helped him to find himself. Jessica, Elizabeth and I went to the campus center which ironically relates to the story “Mr.Peebles Heart”. While in the campus center, there were numerous things to admire Such as the different flags all over the walls and the random students playing different kinds of instruments. One thing that stood out to me was the plaque doctor mask a boy was wearing. He was simply just talking to his friends and wearing this strange mask. It was a bird-like mask that doctors in Italy used to wear. Another object that caught my attention was the different vibrantly colored flags that

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