Places for a Documentary About the Life and Works of Bram Stoker Essay

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Places for a documentary about the life and works of Bram Stoker St Mary’s Church, Whitby Abbey and the ‘Bram Stoker Dracula Experience’ are the perfect locations for this television documentary. The reasons for my choice will be explained in further detail below. St Mary’s Church St Mary’s Church and it’s surrounding are the first places Dracula visits after his arrival in Whitby. Dracula hastens up the 199 stairs to the graveyard where he takes his refuge. Therefore is this place a fitting beginning for the documentary. Furthermore contributes the ancient look of the church and graveyard to a dark and mystic atmosphere, especially at dawn. Because St Mary’s Church lies at the top of the cliffs with a view over the sea it seems very isolated and spooky. An establishing shot at the beginning or a walk through the graveyard filmed as seen with the eyes of Dracula could be a good introduction to the location. To evoke the feeling of tension even more you could record the soughing wind, the church bell or the sound of the organ. Interesting interview partners could be the women from the English heritage who maintain the church and the shop. They could probably give some historical facts, interesting anecdotes of visitors interested in Dracula or a short guided tour through the location showing the most relevant places that might have inspired Stoker during the writing process. Whitbey Abbey As well as St Mary’s Church Whitby Abbey is a historical place that might have inspired Stoker to write horror stories. It is close to St Mary’s Church and fits into the story from it’s outward appearance. With an establishing shot the abbey could be placed in it’s surrounding as dark, isolated and legendary. Another possibility is to track the camera forwards through the many alleyways of the ruin. Interview partners could be the museum staff or you could use vox populi

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