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Max Fontana English 101 Prof Beasley May 12, 2014 Importance of Place Places are an important part of one's life. Every place that we go through in our lives will have some significance, whether big or small. Some places in life will carry on and impact someone throughout their entire life. This is the case with myself and with N. Scott Momaday in The Homestead on Rainy Mountain Creek. In the story, the author describes a place that has had a lot of significance on his life. The descriptions of the family and its history are important in understanding the significance of the family homestead. The author begins with describing the landscape surrounding the homestead. He then goes on to speak of the family history, including when and by whom the house was built. His grandfather, who was deceased shortly before the author's birth, built the house, and is said to have been a powerful presence throughout his life, even though Momaday had never met him. He speaks briefly on the history of his tribe, the Kiowas, and their life prior to the house being built. Next, the author describes the immediate family, including the grandmother, his parents, and his aunts and uncles. He explains all the different people that would come to visit the house and also speaks of a particular character named "Dragonfly", who would paint his face and pray to the rising sun every morning. Then he describes the house itself and its composition. He ends it by saying that all these memories and experiences are "sacred recollections of the mind and heart." The author's vivid descriptions of the family and its history are an important aspect to understanding the significance of the family home. When speaking of his grandfather, who built the home, Momaday says that, “His powerful presence was discernible in his wife and children, in the homestead on Rainy Mountain Creek, and in the

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