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Advances in technology have had many major impacts on classification systems. The microscope is a type of biological technology that is being used today since its invention decades ago. The microscope helps us to look at things and organisms that our eyes are not capable of looking. The electron microscope has allowed us to view the finer details of the cell- this has led to us being able to differentiate between prokaryotes and eukaryotes and this has led to the creation of a new super-kingdom called Monera. Another impact of the electron microscope was the re-classification of the blue-green algae to blue-green bacteria. However, the electron microscope has a high cost to buy and maintain. Another disadvantage is that live tissue cannot be seen under the electron microscope due to the high electron beam being passed by the electron microscope. A second advancement in technology is DNA hybridization. DNA hybridization determines the similarity of DNA from different species to indicate genetic relationship. This has added to our knowledge about how organisms have evolved and the relationships between organisms by the analysis of their DNA. For e.g. this analysis has indicated how chimpanzees and humans have evolved from a common ancestor. A disadvantage of DNA hybridization is that it is a very sophisticated technology, is costly and isn’t easily implemented. Thus the overall assessment is that both technologies have had a very valuable impact on biological taxonomy as they have led to a revision of relationships between different organisms and increased our understanding of the evolution of life on earth. 1. The organic hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide, abundant carbon dioxide, nitrogen and possible ammonia and methane. 2. The conditions that had to be present were: * No ozone layer * Massive oceans existed * Large amounts of uv radiation *

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