the place you live in determines your approach to life

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THE PLACE YOU LIVE IN DETERMINES YOUR APPROACH TO LIFE. DISCUSS. The question of the most significant factors that determine human’s personality is one of the oldest in psychology. The scientists claim that apart from genetics also the environment, to a large extent, affects person’s character. Surprising as it may seem, it has been proved that the environment has so great an influence on your life that can intervene even in your genetic conditions. First of all, the place you live in is your home. Being born in a Polish family, for instance, you will, most probably, become a Catholic, as this is the religion of your parents. Moreover, you will dress in a manner so as to abide by the apparel conventions of your area, and will treat this attire as the most appropriate. To add more, the kind of food is also very much connected with the place you live in. That is why one person will be fond of sushi, the other- of hamburgers, or another- of spaghetti, as these are the ‘traditional’ dishes of their area. In most cases, even your look is conditioned by the place you live in. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that the skin of nearly all Africans is dark or black, and Nordic people’s- pale. Furthermore, it is the language you use: born in Poland- speaks Polish, in Germany- German, in Ireland- Irish and so forth. Another extremely important aspect of the issue is the fact that the place where you were born and raised automatically situates you in a certain field. It determines, in some way, the state of affairs you are to confront in your life. For Iraqi people, for example, it means experiencing the evil of war; for Africans- the struggle to survive the famine; for Americans- decent and peaceful life. It is obvious that the political and social situation in your country significantly shapes your perception of the world. The fact of the matter is that while

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