Place That Evokes Strong Feelings in You Essay

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A place that evokes strong feelings in you. – Descriptive Writing The ocean stretched upon as far as my eyesight would allow. The Sun was a little, red disk dropping into the calm waters facing away, as if angry with me. The clouds wisped around in clusters while changing color from deep shades of yellow to orange to now going red. I looked across the grainy sand, slightly textured that smelt wet and damp as I walked on the sea-shore, while the sea-shells slightly pressed beneath my feet. I stopped in front of a huge cave. Not many people know about this as it is just beside the light-house and usually gets dwarfed in its shadow. I went into the rock enclosure as my fingers brushed along the moss-covered stones. The sliminess used to make me feel sick, but considering that I have been coming here often, as I have nowhere to go, so now it doesn’t bother me much. I sat on the pillow that I had brought last time. This wasn’t my home or something, just some place to think and hang out with myself. I am not complaining that I don’t have friends and no place to call myself, it’s just that as the waters brushes away on the sea-shore, the same way I can feel my crazy thoughts brushing away, while I cling on to what I want to think. The moisture that hung around in the cave would never let me get bothered by the Sun while during winters, eclipsed me from the harsh winds. It was so peaceful and calming that I always felt as if I should stay some more. The sky had now turned grey as the waves lapped. The ocean-water hung with the sweet smell of soil and salts as the minerals gathered at the edges. The minerals never budged, no matter what, even with the highest tide to the drought, they just stayed there, to be fed by the waters and that is how I live, hanging there into life, just waiting for the right opportunities to come wash over

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