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Lion dance I have seen mine in Mid-Autumn Festival with my grandpa when I was eight. I have been to other festivals after that, but nothing compares to the beauty of what I once remembered. Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular lunar harvest festival by Vietnamese people and one important event before and during the Mid-Autumn Festival are lion dances. Lion dance is traditional dance of the Vietnamese culture for a long time and is performed on fortunate occasions such as celebrations, and various festivals. Lion dance is a traditional dance using the rhythmic movement of body to express one’s feeling and to communicate with other. Some people believe the lion brings good luck to them. Vietnamese think “The lion” symbolize for wisdom, chases evil away and brings happiness, and good fortune. They believe “lion dance” helps praise Buddhas and bring to them more happiness and lucky year. Although people are called a “lion dance”; the “lion” is completely not the real lion in the zoo. It is stylized cultural lion that is designed with a variety of colors. “Lion’s head” is constructed by bamboo hoops inside and covered with a colorful fabric. There are many pull-strings inside the head of lion that dancer used to control the lion's eyes, the ears twist and flap, and the mouth moving up or down. The head is embellished with string, tassels and bells, and design in bright colors. The body of the lion is bright multi-colored cloth and is decorate with some hairs, bells, and other adornment. Lion dance is usually supported by a musical ensemble conclude of a large Chinese drum played with two wooden mallets, a gong, and one or more sets of cymbals. The “lion's dance” does not follow to music. It is choreographed by dancer’s movement and musicians follow by them. There are many specific associated rhythms, it depend on the lion’s mood and its moves. A “lion” can be composed of

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