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Assignment #1 | CITM 601 | | | | Jessica Padron | 1/21/2013 | | BSB, Inc., The Pizza Wars Come to Campus 1. Does BSB, Inc., enjoy any competitive advantages or core competencies? BSB does enjoy of certain core competencies that help the company overcome the environmental changes. Workforce: BSBs workforce is a core competency because they were flexible when Renee Kershaw made the decision to expand the menu at the grill to include pizzas. The existing workforce was trained to make pizzas and work the new equipment. This allowed BSB to respond to her market needs found with the survey results in a timely fashion. Facilities: BSB has the advantage that the campus is located outside of town which means that customers need to drive into town to be able to purchase any other products from competitors. Location is definitely one of BSBs core competencies. 2. Initially, how did Renee Kershaw choose to use her pizza operations to compete with off-campus eateries? What were her competitive priorities? Fist, Kershaw began to conduct surveys to determine customer needs and market trends. After analysing the data she realized that students were not as satisfied as she first hoped. She recognized that a large percentage of students were purchasing their food at off campus eateries and another large percentage was getting their food delivered. She decided that she would expand the grill’s menu to include pizza and she also started a delivery service that covered the entire campus. Her competitive priorities were: Delivery Speed: Her new process would get the pizzas to the students faster than the competition as the travel distance is a lot shorter. Students and faculty would not have to wait for the competitors in town to deliver all the way to the campus as they have an on campus delivery service. On-time delivery:

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