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Pizza Simulation Jason Arroyo OPS/571 March 19, 2012 Dr. James Hoelscher Pizza Simulation When an individual is asked to take over a successful business, that individual must first evaluate where the business is at currently. That individual might have to help to further the success or may have to reinvent the wheel and help with the current problems the business might be facing. Here is a brief history of the situation as follows: Mario’s Pizzeria was founded in 1950 and has been serving traditional style pizza in a family oriented pizza parlor environment. The pizza shop is located in a local California mall, and is recognized for the authentic taste and fresh vegetables. As the only grandchild of Mario, the author of this paper has to formulate a way to increase Mario’s profits and customer satisfaction, while decreasing customer wait time. This data will be provided in forms of charts, both before and after data. The paper will discuss ways of considering an alternative to the process. The paper will apply the learning curve concept to test the alternative against the current process. According to Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilano, a learning curve is a line displaying the relationship between unit production time and the cumulative number of units produced. Learning (or experience) curve theory has a wide range of application in the business world. The learning curve can be applied to organizations or individuals. In regard to organizational learning, the results are from practice also from change in many other departments such as administration, equipment, and product design. Individual learning is improvement that results when people repeat a process and gain skill or efficiency from their own experience. The concept of “practice makes perfect” comes to mind (Chase, Jacobs, Aquilano, 2010). This learning curve theory is based on three fundamental

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