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I would like to start a new food service business operating a fully enclosed mobile hot dog stand in the Beeftown business park. The business named Happy Hot Dogs and Snacks will be a sole proprietorship under my full ownership. The business will supply high quality hot dogs, soft drinks, coffee and prepackaged snacks to the many workers and visitors within the Beeftown business park. The business will operate from a newly purchased Willydog 8 foot fully enclosed concession trailer. See the attached quotation from the manufacturer along with pictures, schematics and specifications. This trailer will be equipped to serve food according to the guidelines of the local county health code. This will include reheating previously cooked sausages and wieners, providing condiments and necessary take out accessories. The trailer and its associated equipment meet all county health codes and it has received health department approval. Copy of the letter of approval from the Beeftown County Public Health Department is attached. The trailer will be located on the premises of the General Widget and Machine factory on Industrial Drive. A written agreement has been drawn up between myself and the plant manager of the Widget factory to locate the trailer in the north west end of the plant parking lot. A copy of the agreement is attached. The Widget factory employs 1500 permanent employees. Many of these leave the facility at lunch to obtain take away food at fast food restaurants located 2-3 kilometers away on Main Street. The number leaving the facility during a typical workday lunch break (from 11AM – 1PM) averages 468 people. Additional business can be obtained from the many other business located in the industrial park. The other 57 businesses in the industrial park employ 1120 people. Many of these also leave the park to obtain take away food from restaurants

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