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Culture of Pittsburgh The culture of Pittsburgh is both very diverse and interesting, throughout history the city has evolved from the “Steel City” to the center of medical advances. Anywhere you could ever go in the United States, Pittsburgh stands out from the sports mania the entire city is in throughout the entire year during football, hockey, and baseball seasons, to the unique dialect of the citizens, to the historical monuments of its rich history. If the name of the city is mentioned pretty much anywhere in the world, they know what you are talking about and usually have their own opinion to put in. The history of Pittsburgh begins in 1753 when George Washington crosses the Allegheny River, in 1754 the French built Fort Duquesne…show more content…
Mellon, George Westinghouse, and Charles M. Schwab is credited as Industrialists. They built their fortunes in Pittsburgh and left an enormous mark on the city. Andrew Carnegie is probably the most recognizable out of the bunch due to the fact that he founded the Carnegie Steel Company, Carnegie Library in 1890, and Carnegie Institute in 1895, and in 1895 he sold his mills for $250 million dollars. He devoted his life to public service by establishing libraries, trusts, and foundations that include Carnegie Institute of Technology which is now Carnegie Mellon University, and the Museums of Pittsburgh. Over the years there has been some controversy over how to spell Pittsburgh, considering in 1890 the U.S. Board on Geographic Names decided that the ‘h’ had to be dropped from all cities and towns ending in ‘burgh.’ Historically since the founding in 1758 Pittsburgh has been spelled with the h and in 1911 the citizens protested the board because they wished to preserve the historical value of the name and it was reversed to keep the h. Although there are some dictionaries and papers from the 19th century that use the Pittsburg…show more content…
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