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Media Band Against Pit Bulls One turns on the TV and there is another dog attack. The media makes assumptions that it’s a Pit Bull. When most of the time it’s not actually a pure Pit Bull who is the attacker though, it is a dog in the Bulldog family who is to blame.(Pisani) Because the media makes Pit Bulls out to be such vicious and dangerous dogs, 33 of the 50 states banned Pit Bulls. They also banned dogs they think are Pits.( Bless The Bullys) The ban is for 30 other dog breeds that these states claim are deadly dogs.( Bless The Bullys) Yet, one never hears stories about any of them attacking and killing anyone. Any dog can be vicious and murderous. One has to remember all dogs come from the same ancestor. Their ancestor was a wild animal, much like the wolves known today. All dogs have the primal instinct that will cause them to become violent and deadly. Although many people believe that all Pit Bulls are evil, they are not. Many times, it is caused by the Pits being around too many other dogs that are poorly trained or have bad owners. The incident with Michael Vick is an example; he had over 100 Pits and Pit mixes that he was training to be blood-thirsty fighting machines.( ALDF) The media reported everything except, what some people say is the most important detail of the whole thing, the fact that 22 of the most traumatized dogs are now called the “Vicktory Dogs” even after a lot of love and hard work. Ten of these dogs have been adopted and are now living happy lives with their new owners.( Siezkowski) The media makes one believe that the Pit Bulls are responsible for most of the dog attacks.(Glynn) Not all Pit Bulls are out to attack people. There have been accounts of Pit Bulls saving people’s lives. There was a story about a Pit Bull that saved an infant’s life. The mother abandoned the baby and left it to die. The pit bull took care of the baby

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