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How to Operate a Two-Wheeled Pitching Machine Thank you for buying the inexpensive, great running, two-wheeled, baseball pitching machine from Leading Edge Pitching Inc or also known as L.E.P.I. The pitching machine you have bought, the E-series 3000, can be use to pitch fastballs up to 90 mph and as low at 20 mph. Also it can pitch curveballs, knuckleballs, sliders, and many others. The following instructions with explain how to operate the two-wheeled pitching machine in the right way and safely. 1. Plug the power cord into an outlet. Be sure to keep the pitching machine at a safe distance from a so you don’t break a window. Also make sure that the power cord is level with the ground so no one trips over it. 2. You should see a switch with an off and on sign around it. Make sure that the power cord is secure in the outlet for the machine to properly turn on. The wheels will start spinning. 3. Next to the off and on switch, you will see two knobs that should have numbers from 0-80 on it. The top knob is to control the top wheels speed and the bottom is to control the bottom wheels speed. 4. Before pitching any balls yet, make sure the wheels have had a good 30 to 60 seconds to warm up. Also, before pitching any balls, you need to set your speeds and direction of the ball. To set the speed, you need to make sure that there is a 20 mph difference between the top and bottom wheel. For example: if you need the speed at 50 mph, the bottom wheel would need to be at 40 mph and the top wheel would need to be at 60 mph. This would make the ball come out of the machine at 50 mph. You should be able to catch on by now. To adjust the direction of the machine, you will need to turn the silver knob at the end of the handle counter clockwise to loosen and clockwise to secure machine. See picture for location of silver handle. 5. Now you
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