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Scott Hill WRTC 200 12/6/12 Fighting for Love I come from a family with a love of Golden Retrievers; I have had three in my life. Ginger, who passed when I was three, Teddy, who passed when I was eighteen, and Libbi who I still have to this day, and is a three year old female Golden Retriever who I absolutely adore. Libbi is a social dog and when we first got her, we expected to have her and only her. No other dogs. But as Libbi grew, we realized that Libbi was exceptionally social with other dogs. We would bring Libbi to our local park in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, and in 45 minutes time, Libbi would be best friends with every single dog in the park. With me always at school, and my mom and dad always working during the day,…show more content…
The breed, according to stubbydog.org, is actually “a generic term applied to American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, and hundreds of mixes containing elements of these breeds. DNA analysis shows that most ‘pit bulls’ are predominantly made up of other breeds – from Lab to poodle. The term ‘pit bull’ designates an appearance, not a breed.” According to wrokingpitbull.com, written pit bull pedigrees date back to the early 1700’s in the colonies, when man had bred dogs for gripping large game, like boar, bear, and bull. From these dogs developed the Butcher’s Dog, or Bulldog. The Bulldog was an animal from 35 to 80 pounds, long of leg, sturdy in body, athletic, with a strong head and muzzle. The pit bulls of today descend directly from these animals. After industrialization became a major factor in the United States, hunting big game became less of a concern for the hard working dog, and dog fighting became more popular. As a result, the dog fighters of the time would champion their best fighting bulldog as the "bully in the pit" or a "pitbull”. After a while, the term pit bull was so commonly referred to the American Staffordshire terrier and American pit bull terriers that the name was officially branded to the breed. Thus, we have the pit bull, a name given to the best fighting dogs. Since the first time pit bull was even spoken, it referred to the mightiest fighting dog. So it’s…show more content…
The pit served in the American Civil War, WWI, and WWII. Take the pit bull, Stubby, for example; a small American Staffordshire terrier that weighed around 35 pounds. Named Stubby because of his very short legs, this name represents the ultimate war hero, one that came with a wet nose and a wagging tail. Stubby served with the 102nd Infantry, 26th (Yankee) Division in the trenches in France for 18 months and participated in four offensives and 18 battles. In 1917, Stubby had no training or no knowledge of war. The only thing that Stubby knew to do, prior to entering service, was how to salute; simply raising it’s paw above his brow. Because of Stubby’s simple salute ‘trick’, a recruitment officer allowed Stubby into the army with his owner, thinking that it was a trained war dog. Entering World War I, Stubby immediately figured out the sounds of war. He knew, before any of his other soldier comrades in the unit, the sounds of a rocket and would immediately run for cover. The soldiers learned to follow Stubby’s instincts, and would run for cover too, just before the rocket would hit. If German Soldiers tried to approach at night, Stubby would growl and bark, alerting the entire American unit of the German location. He was solely responsible for capturing a German spy in the Argonne. The spy made the mistake of speaking German to him when they were alone. Stubby knew he

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