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Pit Bull Paper

  • Submitted by: mtiers
  • on December 2, 2013
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Pitbull Lovers and Haters

Imagine your dog being put down or abused just because someone else thought he or she was mean when they actually are a really kind, loving, and loyal dog. In this paper I am going to talk about how I think that pitbulls should not be illegal based on people’s opinions of their reputation, I’m also going to talk about the different types of abuse they receive, truth and exaggeration, and training them.
There are many different types of abuse that can happen to pitbulls, and most of the abuse is using them to fight with other dogs, animals, and even people. Sometimes if they don’t do the job right by hurting the opponent severely, then they get hit or even abandoned. Pitbulls are treated very poorly in society today because of the stereotypes of being aggressive dogs, but in reality it’s not the dog it’s the owner or trainer. There are less and less pitbulls being taken care of, just because of this stereotype of them.
People don’t always look at the facts of pitbulls, they just exaggerate and say they are mean killing dogs and that it’s all they are good for because they have heard so. Every time you chain a dog up, not just pitbulls, they get meaner and meaner every day, because what dog wants to be on a chain 24/7? All they want is to play with you and love on you. Chaining them up and leaving them out there for long periods of times, they will think they are being abandoned, or that you don’t even care about them. If you’re chaining your dog up for long periods of time then maybe you shouldn’t have a dog if you can’t give it the time and effort it needs to be an amazing dog. If you are treating pitbulls differently because you think they are mean, that’s animal cruelty too. They are pets just like any other animal in the world. Don’t abuse them just because you don’t know the facts about why they are mean, you should look up the actual facts and learn that they are just like any other dog.
Training any dog is very important, but...

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