Pit Bull Essay

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Kennedy Kabiru The legalization of pit bulls should be nationwide because pit bull terriers are innocent breeds that are placed in the middle of an unconstitutional judicial system. The just system punishes each individual dog like it’s their fault, not the pet owners themselves. Pit bulls tend to have negative reputation (Thompson). Whether or not the owners train or take care of the dog correctly. At the expense, pit bulls are being banned in several counties nationwide. The question is should pit bulls be legalized nationwide? Pit bull terriers are innocent breed that are placed in the middle of an unconstitutional justice system. Pit bulls are caring animals depending on the individual owners. Pet owners often instill aggressive behavior in pit bulls by: catching the dog off guard, hitting or otherwise physically abusing the dog, teasing or otherwise tormenting the dog (Pit Bull Owner Responsibilities). If the owner doesn’t properly train a pit bull or physically have the pit bill socialized with other animals, then the pit bull could be aggressive by nature. Susan Thompson states that teaching the pit bulls sit and stay commands is vital (2009). She also stated in her article on Pit Bull Breed info, that toys are a must for pit bulls. They will help your dog release stress while preventing him or her from getting bored (2009). Most people get pit bulls so that they can have a mean and aggressive looking dog (Thompson). But what individual owners of such a breed don’t realize is that a pit bull needs to feel important and needed. They are highly intelligent animals with fine-tuned problem solving skills. They need an outlet for this energy (Clark). Just because an owner does not care for his or her pit bull, the dog itself shouldn’t get punished or impounded. It is the owner’s definite responsibility to control their pit bulls behavior.

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