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Celia Marfone Period 1; English 4 Ms. Hitchens Outline Premise: Pirates duties and responsibilities throughout the years. I) Pirates vary greatly from then and now. A) The one thing that hasn’t changed about pirates is that there motive is greed. i) Back in the day pirates tended to “work under contract for a corrupt warlord in a third world country.” ii) There intent is still to attack cargo or merchant ships on the high seas. B) Pirates ways about piracy now days. iii) “Today pirates tend to work in small groups of a dozen men, operating from high speed boats or fishing travelers.” iv) Pirates have always been known for attacking out in the high seas so they can’t be caught really. Now days they tend to work the trade routes and coastal regions around he Caribbean. II) The life of a pirate at sea C) The main issues on the ships back in the day. v) “Smell of the boat is of rotting fish and human sweat.” vi) Pirate ships are at sea for long periods of time and with the amount of cargo they carry around it is bound to have some infestation. vii) “Rats, fleas, and poisonous spiders and scorpions are common on the ships.” D) Cargo brought on the ships. viii) Pirate ships were strictly weapons, crew and the necessary amount of food. ix) “Lived on dried meat, smoked pork, horse or beef. Typical ration was about 25 ounces of hard tack and 9 ounces of meat a day.” x) Water wasn’t really kept on board because of the fact it goes bad easily. That why pirates tend to drink beer and rum because it last longer. III) Pirate attacks were most common in the high seas. E) Areas of high attack. xi) The most common area of attacks was the Mediterranean Sea. xii) “Mediterranean sea, north sea, and Baltic

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