Pirate Story Essay

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One day, Leroy D. Silver sat on his bed staring. He was staring at a poster of his great-great-great-great-great-pirate grandfather, Long John Silver. He said to himself “I wish I could have met you.” Leroy’s mother from downstairs called up to him, “Leroy!” “What!” Leroy replied. “Time to get ready for school!” “Okay!” Leroy took a shower, got dressed, got his backpack, went downstairs and ate breakfast. He had cereal, milk, and toast. His mother said, “Ready for your first day of middle school?” “Yeah, but I’m kind of nervous about it though.” Leroy replied. “Why?” “Because I’m afraid kids won’t like me.” “Don’t be nervous because of that. You will make a lot of friends, and you still have George.” George is Leroy’s best friend, they have been friends since they were in kindergarten. “Yeah, George and I will probably make a lot of friends.” “That’s the spirit!” “Tome for me to catch the bus mom!” “Okay, see you after school! Love you!” “Love you too mom!” Leroy ran outside and got on the bus. He was looking for a place to sit down. Then he heard someone say “Leroy! Come sit down over here!” It was Leroy’s best friend George. Leroy went and sat next to George. George asked “How was your summer?” “It was alright, I didn’t do much. How was yours?” Leroy replied. “Same as yours.” The bus picked up a few more kids and then dropped them off at Black Pearl Jr. High. The 6th graders went into the schools big gym and the principal announced what they were doing that day. The 6th graders met their new teaches and saw what classes they were in and they ate lunch in the cafeteria. The 6th graders went on the rest of the day on how cool it was to be in the 6th grade. When school ended, Leroy and George decided to walk home instead. On their walk, they saw this guy who was wearing a dark torn jacket with torn jeans and torn boots. The guy asked them where they

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