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Piracy issues in today’s world According to the World Intellectual Property organization, intellectual property refers to “the creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce” (WIPO). Every time a musician composes a catchy song or an architect develops a new blueprint, they have the rights to do whatever they want with their original inventions. Such inventions cannot be copied or distributed by someone else without having the sole rights to do so from the owner. If these actions are made, the term used to describe them is “piracy”. While some people do not seem to care if their piracy actions affect the owners of these properties, there are others that encourage others to stop piracy. Piracy must be stopped because it not only affects the creators, but the global market. There are numerous ways to download music through the internet; as an example, there are many user-friendly programs that allow any kind of person acquire a certain song, album or even an entire discography. Advocates of piracy argue that the law should not be present because the users have all the rights to do whatever they want with their computers. While the called “peer to peer software” or just “P2P software” is the most popular type of software that allows users to download music, it is the first target in the fight against piracy. Because of the P2P networking not having a server that transfers and manages all the information, the target is not a single server but millions of computers worldwide. The United States Copyright Office points out that “each workstation has abilities to exchange data with others”, which takes the fight to a higher level where each government should be interested in the topic and create new policies regarding illegal music downloading. Critics of P2P software have powerful arguments that

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