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Comparison: Bush Mechanics & Pimp My Ride “Bush Mechanics and Pimp My Ride are just two shows about cars. They have very little to say about anything else.” At first glance, Bush Mechanics (ABC TV, 2001) and Pimp My Ride (MTV, 2007) both appear to be about cars. However, there are deeper aspects of both programmes. They do have other things to say that are not based around cars, such as we are shown the impressive mechanical ingenuity of both ‘teams’, but also certain aspects of Aboriginal culture and lifestyle, and the seemingly charitable action behind the ‘pimping’ of the cars. Audience The similarity between the audiences of both Bush Mechanics and Pimp My Ride is that neither is necessarily interested in cars, or at least the mechanics behind them. Pimp My Ride is directed at teenagers,…show more content…
However, viewers are also amazed by the men’s resourcefulness and their impressive way of quickly solving their car dilemmas, and fascinated as to how a tree trunk can be used as a cross member, or how a fallen in roof could alternatively be used as a trailer. The audience is given a faint idea of how to survive should they break down in the bush, and shows that these men, unlike them team in Pimp My Ride, are not worried about the appearance of the car. In Pimp My Ride, the team take pride in making the car look good and pay little, or no, attention to the performance of the car. The team usually customise the car as a reflection of the person’s lifestyle or personality. For example, a burger technician had a barbeque/grill (and a plasma screen, of course) put in a coffin in the back of his hearse. However, the ‘pimping’ of peoples cars is ratings event as the team are helping people who cannot afford to fix or replace their dilapidated cars, but are also getting a lot of money from other

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