Pip Grows Up- Great Expectations

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In the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Pip goes through some changes inside himself. Pip remains in the same character for the beginning and then he decides he wants to change his lifestyle, into what he believes is for the better. Pip wants to change for Estella, a girl he likes from the Manor House. In the beginning of the story Pip is not aware that he is in an extremely low social class. Pip does not know another way of life; therefore he does not judge it. As the story progresses, Pip meets people from higher and lower social classes which then inspires him to be in the higher social class for himself, and for Estella. He is suddenly ashamed of his family and origins because Estella had put him down for his “thick boots, and callused hands". Pip is ashamed and does not want to be judged by it. Estella lives in the Manor House in the marshes. Estella seemed to always pick on Pip for what he wore and how he was dressed yet. However, Pip falls deeply in love with this girl and longs for her. This is why Pip feels ashamed. Estella did not show much support at all for Pip. Estella did make Pip want to change though, and he surely tried to do just that. Because of her beauty and attitude he was embarrassed by the people who raised him. Pip learns that true friends are far more important than any social class when he becomes very close with a lower-class convict named Magwitch near the end of the story. Pip found that it was better to be wealthy inside and have a good heart, than to have money and be in a higher social class. His character grows and for the greater good. By the end of the story, Pip becomes a good person with a good heart. It is clear that Pip's character grew more self-assured and filled with morals when Pip became close with
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