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After conducting your pioneer web research, respond to the following unfinished sentences: 1. The 4 - 5 qualities in my pioneer character educator I most admired were was a poet, actor, singer, composer, Quote from Thomas Moore;” People say that the word "educate" means to "draw out" a person's potential. But I like the "duc" - part in the middle of it. To be educated is to become a duke, a leader, a person of stature and color, a presence and a character.” 2. The 2 - 3 deficiencies exhibited by my pioneer character educator I least admired were his philosophy, politics not able to find anything negative 3. I'd label my pioneer character educator as best exemplifying (select one of the five character values lenses) because . . . a. A second valuable lens on the style of this pioneer character educator is, . . . because Honest and respectful because he got a lot of people that did agree with his way of thinking. 4. Best quote from the research that captures the essence of my pioneer character educator is “Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.” 5. The three words I would use to describe the character of my pioneer character educator are A great poet 6. The one 'value' I would ascribe to my pioneer character educator is Integrity (forthright) 7. The one sentence I would use to summarize: Thomas Moore’s writing came from the heart. References Jones, H. M. The Harp That Once—: A Chronicle of the Life of Thomas Moore. New York, 1937. De Ford, M. A. Thomas Moore. New York [1967]. (Bibliography, pp. 119–23.) Thomas Moore. (2011). In Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved from
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