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Emily Ocasio Childrens Lit. Feb 12.2009 How is time related to truth telling in Collodis Pinocchio? The book Pinocchio by Collodi, introduces children to the very essence of time. Time is portrayed in this story book as the gateway to how the story begins and ends.” Although Pinocchio himself is shown learning how to use time productively, the path of Collodis story is its self in efficient, disorganized, unproductive. There is no specific sequence in how these events unravel. In the time frame which each event occurs Collodi demonstrates how Pinocchio travels through the many journeys of people in the story misleading him and dissuading him from virtuous intentions. We see through the many characters in Collodis book how time and truth telling become Pincchios down fall. Collodi does not waste time in introducing vice over virtue. He introduces truth telling and lying right as the story begins. As this cautionary story unveils its self ,we as the audience see all the obstacles in which Pinocchio has to overcome. In the time that he is given for every obstacle ,he is properly warned before making a decision. This is a act to think about he is given the choice in all the hardships that he faces to become a real boy, but is always disobedient and chooses the road of vise intending to. One example is in chapter 4 when we see that naughty children do not like to be corrected by those who are wiser than they are. Jimminy cricket the conscience of Pinocchio through out the story shows us Pinocchios temperament in the beginning of the book when he “lost his temper and seizing a mallet threw it at the cricket.” With this quote we see that in Collodis vision the annoying conscience is easily destroyed. This shows us indeed that naughty children do not like to be guided. Time is the symbolism in which Collodi tries to demonstrate to Pinocchio , when

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